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About North Carolina

North Carolina’s natural beauty and diverse landscapes have always attracted people who think a little differently. Our 300 miles of coastline, scenic mountains and fertile piedmont region, make for one of the most beautiful and geographically diverse places on the planet. Combined with a moderate climate, central location and proximity to large cities, it’s easy to see why so many people seek to work, play, live and learn here.

It’s more than nature that attracts people to North Carolina—it’s nurture. We have a unique combination of qualities that draw like-minded people to live here, including:

  • Our productive, adaptable workforce
  • Our superior educational system
  • Our unparalleled quality of life

A few years ago North Carolina came to a crossroads. Several of our major industries, including furniture, textiles and tobacco, were in decline. The U.S. economy was becoming more global and demanding job skills that relied less on brawn and more on brains, or knowledge-driven industries.

North Carolina embraced a new vision that mandated change.  Our legislators and business leaders began to make long-term decisions about our future based on local strengths and traditions without compromising the quality of life we had come to enjoy. They identified diversified growth industries and developed training and educational programs to fuel them.

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