Certified Sites FAQ

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NC Certified Sites Program FAQ

Does 1 soil boring per 20 acres seems too much - especially for parks and for western NC?  My understanding of the soil borings is that they are used to convey confidence and mitigatWhat is the standard (ASTM?) depth and width of the soil borings needed? This will help determine cost for the community.The 90% buildable acres on a 10 acre requirement could be in conflict with LEED Certification. Would Commerce waive the buildable requirement for LEED Certification?Can Commerce provide a point of contact or a letter of documentation for the steps required to obtain an exemption letter from CAMA?When completing the Intent to Certify, is a site boundary map suitable, or does it need to be a boundary survey?Is a field Boundary Survey required for final certification?Does the Department of Commerce have any plans to provide signage designating NC Certified Sites?Does a park must have at least half of the total acres meet the minimum acres/buildable acres requirement?Do I have to certify an entire park?If I certify an entire park, do I have to then certify each site within the park as well, or are all sites within the park certified by association?Is a new wetlands assessment required every four years even if the site has not been disturbed?Documents online are publicly available.  Does Commerce have a plan to address when an engineering company enters into an agreement where these documents are not to be publicly available?With such a high water flow requirement, does the Department of Commerce intend to exclude sites that are suitable for high impact projects, such as headquarters, with these requirements?Is there a complete checklist available of the requirements under the certification guidelines?Where do we get the Intent to Certify form?We have a Certified Site that was certified prior to July 2009.  Is this site grandfathered in?  Will we have to re-certify? If so, how long do we have to comply?When did the revised guidelines become effective?  When was the new Building & Sites Database launched for uploading documentation for the Certifies Sites program?Once a site has earned certification, when does the two year period begin before recertification?Can you provide a list of the steering committee members?Can you give me a ballpark estimate for getting a greenfield business park site certified?

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