Courtyard Homes & Pocket Neighborhoods

Courtyard HomesWhen we think of a single-family home, we tend to imagine a house surrounded by a yard on all sides facing a street, with a driveway running alongside the house or perhaps an alley in the back. When we think of a neighborhood, we imagine several blocks of the same pattern—homes in a row, surrounded by a yard, each one with its own driveway, with a street in front. There are other ways to create a neighborhood, however. One variation involves building small clusters of homes or cottages around a shared open space or courtyard. The homes face this open space—or “commons”—rather than the street and are built near one another. This is part of a conscious effort to promote a close-knit sense of community with more opportunities to get to know one another.

Courtyard Homes & Pocket Neighborhoods PowerPoint Presentation and Script

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