I would like to thank the following individuals for their technical assistance, tours, ideas, suggestions, help, and moral support during the process of creating Designing Better Places, including the previous versions released beginning in 2001.

  • Olivia Collier, Appalachian Regional Commission Program Manager, who approached me about updating Designing Better Places in 2012 and helped facilitate the funding;
  • My colleagues at the NC Division of Community Assistance who patiently sat through several drafts, offered excellent suggestions and helped me choose pictures: Karen Smith, Lauren Malinoff, Kristy Carter, Ron Hancock, Glen Locascio, and Sherry Adams;
  • Harold Mallette, NC DCA’s 2013 summer intern, who helped with pictures;
  • Scott Pouder, NC DCA’s 2012 volunteer summer intern, who introduced me to the book Creating Vibrant Public Spaces and helped with pictures;
  • Craig Lewis, for his valuable input on both versions;
  • Jim Segedy, for his encouragement and assistance;
  • Vagn Hansen, Kris Krider, and Adrian Miller, who generously shared their time and provided touring assistance in and around Charlotte;
  • Tom Gallaher, Mike Bruff, Jason Epley, Harrison Marshall, and Stephanie Monson Dahl, for their ideas and review of various drafts;
  • Kathy Evers, for her creativity and assistance;
  • Marcia Scott and Theodore Patterson, Institute for Public Administration, University of Delaware, for their review of various drafts and ideas on ways to collaborate;
  • Jan Pamfilis, my former colleague at the NC Division of Community Assistance, who was tremendously helpful with cataloging pictures during the first version of Designing Better Places;
  • My retired colleagues at the NC Division of Community Assistance: David Quinn, Geoffrey Willett, Woody Harton, Alan Lang, Jeff Fischbach, and Hermon Rector who provided invaluable assistance during the first version of Designing Better Places;
  • Patricia Bass, NC Department of Commerce, for her assistance with the contracts;
  • John Black, NC Department of Commerce, for his help with technical issues;

I would also like to thank the following for their participation and assistance in the production of Designing Better Places:

  • Bruce Sales (, video post-production, for his professional assistance in making the video;
  • Marty Weil, content consultant, for his professional assistance with the script, pictures, and narration.

This video and other related slide shows are dedicated to the memory of my beloved late husband, Roger A. Briggs, a landscape architect and planner who taught me a great deal about design and photography, and who provided invaluable assistance for the first version of Designing Better Places.

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