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Design of logo and title slide are by Billy Parker, Graphic Designer, NC Division of Tourism, Marketing & Global Branding with assistance from Angela Marshall.

All photos, unless otherwise noted below, are by Virginia A. Faust, Senior Planner, NC Division of Community Assistance, Asheville, NC, 828-251-6914.

Section 1

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Section 2

  • Definitions of urban design principles:
    • Illustrations of "building scale" and "human scale" are by Billy Parker, Graphic Designer, Division of Tourism, Marketing & Global Branding, NC Department of Commerce.
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Section 3

  • Walters and Brown, op. cit.
  • Historic black and white photo of downtown Henderson, NC; photographer unknown.
  • Historic postcard of Asheville, NC; photographer unknown.
  • Photo of "The Mercantile Center" in Hillsborough, NC is by Donn Young/Chapel Hill/Orange County Visitors Bureau.
  • Historic black and white photo of downtown Hendersonville, NC is part of the Baker-Barber collection.
  • Crankshaw, op. cit.
  • Folkmoot Parade, downtown Waynesville; photographer unknown.

Section 4

  • Historic black and white photo of downtown Statesville; photographer unknown.

Section 5

  • Map of downtown Savannah, Georgia, is from Google Maps.
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Section 6

For more information on form-based codes, the following information is helpful:

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