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Labor and Economic Analysis Division, Department of Commerce

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Economic & Policy Analysis 

The Economic & Policy Analysis team provides unbiased, nonpartisan, research-based analyses of key economic development issues important to North Carolina. Our work products stem from requests by our state's economic development leadership, including the North Carolina Economic Development Board, the Department of Commerce Secretary, the Governor's Office, the North Carolina Legislature, and other state-level policymakers. Our research assists state leaders in making well-informed policy decisions. Prior topics include studies and reports on business incentives, infrastructure, workforce development, international trade, small business, and policy lessons from other states.

The team also provides:

  • analysis on economic conditions and trends, industry and occupational employment projections, cost-benefit analysis, economic impact analysis, and fiscal analysis in support of the Job Development Investment Grant Program.
  • updates Article 3J Tier Calculations and Wage Standards for the department, and uses data-driven methods to better understand North Carolina’s employment, firms, industries, regions, and health of the state’s economy.
  • labor market studies and workforce analyses to support workforce training decisions, employment strategies, and business recruitment/expansion projects.
  • data and analysis to help attract, retain, and grow businesses and industries in North Carolina.


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