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Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages

Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW) is a federal/state cooperative statistical program that produces comprehensive employment and wage information for workers covered by state unemployment insurance (UI) laws and federal workers covered by the Unemployment Compensation for Federal Employees (UCFE) program. The QCEW program serves as a near census of monthly employment and quarterly wage information. Data are collected on the number of establishments, monthly employment, and quarterly wages by NAICS industry, county, and ownership sector for the entire United States. In North Carolina, data are available for all industries in the private and governmental sectors, metropolitan statistical areas, counties,  workforce development boards, and prosperity zones. Workers are reported in the county in which they are employed without regard to their county of residence. Excluded workers include members of the armed forces, the self-employed, proprietors, domestic workers, unpaid family workers, and railroad workers covered by the railroad unemployment insurance system. Wages represent total compensation paid during the calendar quarter. The QCEW data are used as the benchmark source for employment by the Current Employment Statistics and Occupational Employment Statistics programs.

Additional program information can be found at the BLS website.

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