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Labor and Economic Analysis Division, Department of Commerce

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Information Delivery

The Information Delivery team develops and maintains ACCESSNC (formerly EDIS) and the Buildings and Sites database, which gives companies, communities, consultants, and citizens web access to economic and demographic information, as well as information on available buildings and sites throughout the state. The team maintains demographic and economic data and works with Commerce’s Business and Industry Division and local economic development organizations to keep current information on the state’s available industrial and commercial buildings and sites for companies to expand or relocate.

The team produces various publications that highlight current labor market conditions, including NC Today, a monthly review of labor market information in North Carolina with comparative data from the U.S. and selected Southern states on various aspects of the economy. The team also oversees the maintenance of LEAD’s web page and administers training and outreach to the general public on ACCESSNC, as well as the Demand Driven Data Delivery (D4). 

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