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Sub-State Industry Projections

2026 Projections will be upcoming on this website in early 2019 when 2026 Employment Projections for sub-state geographies will be completed.  If you would like the 2026 Statewide Industry Projections for North Carolina, please visit:

Every year, the North Carolina Department of Commerce studies national, statewide, and local economic trends to produce long-term and short-term industry projections for state and sub-state areas. Based on historical data, these projections provide a guide for how the state industry landscape may evolve given the recent economic trends. The current projections cover the 2014-2024 period for approximately 400 industries.

This year, the sub-state industry projections were created for all new 16 Prosperity Zone Sub-Regions using regional industry data. A Prosperity Zone Sub-Region is a collection of counties that represent a more detailed geography than the Prosperity Zones. With the exception of the Southwest Prosperity Zone covering the entire Charlotte area, and the Southeast Prosperity Zone with three distinct sub-regions, each Prosperity Zone is divided into two sub-regions. The naming conventions for these new areas list a representative city or cities in the sub-region.

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