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Regional Economic & Labor Market Information

These LEAD publications offer a variety of regional economic and workforce data by Workforce Development Board (WDB) and county, including detailed information on regional labor market conditions and each county's business environment.

Labor Market Overviews

The Workforce Development Board (WDB) Labor Market Overviews are fact sheets comprised of economic and labor market data specific to each of the 23 WDB areas. Most of the included data has been selected by the WDBs, and includes unemployment rates, unemployment insurance claims, new corporations, and civilian labor force, in addition to other data.

County Labor Market Conditions

County Labor Market Conditions provide an expanded overview of the workforce in North Carolina's 100 counties. It is prepared as an accompaniment for the release of monthly county labor force statistics. County labor force, employment, and unemployment data are presented in narrative and graphic format comparing current month data to the previous month and year. Unemployment insurance activities are also reported.

County Profiles

County Profiles provide a glimpse into the business environment and quality of life in each North Carolina county. Topics include demographics, education, housing, unemployment, and wages by industry.

Prosperity Zone Data Books

The Prosperity Zone Data Books serve as an introduction to the eight new geographic zones and provide a broad overview of the economic and demographic trends occurring in each.

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