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Labor Market Overviews

The Workforce Development Board (WDB) Labor Market Overviews are monthly fact sheets comprised of economic and labor market data specific to each of the 23 WDB areas. Most of the included data has been selected by the WDBs, and includes unemployment rates, unemployment insurance claims, new corporations, and civilian labor force figures, in addition to other data.

Board Publish Date
Cape Fear   10/3/2018
Capital Area   10/3/2018
Centralina   10/3/2018
Charlotte Works   10/3/2018
Cumberland   10/3/2018
DavidsonWorks   10/3/2018
Durham   10/3/2018
Eastern Carolina   10/3/2018
Gaston   10/3/2018
Greensboro High Point Guilford   10/3/2018
High Country   10/3/2018
Kerr Tar   10/3/2018
Lumber River   10/3/2018
Mountain Area   10/3/2018
Northeastern   10/3/2018
Piedmont Triad Regional   10/3/2018
Region C   10/3/2018
Region Q   10/3/2018
Regional Partnership   10/3/2018
Southwestern   10/3/2018
Triangle South   10/3/2018
Turning Point   10/3/2018
Western Piedmont   10/3/2018
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