Help for Your Business

Business Link North Carolina (BLNC)
 is the primary information source and call center for small business. BLNC partners with state agencies and major state supported non-profits to provide expert referrals to small business owners and those interested in starting a business

How do I get started opening a business? Opening a business can be as simple as filing your name and getting local/state permits to a more complex process. Writing your business plan is your first step.

How do I write a business plan? A business plan is the backbone of your business and necessary to obtain business capital. Resources are available across the state at the Small Business Centers as well as your local SCORE office.

Where do I get business forms? There are different forms needed to file depending on your company needs. Basic business forms can be found online at Business Link North Carolina.

Do I need a license or permit? Some businesses require state licenses where others may not. Our online directory can give you insight to State Licenses and Permits.

How do I file my business name? Depending on your business structure, your business name is either filed with the Register of Deeds or the Secretary of State.

How do I obtain a business loan? Business loans are offered by most financial institutions; however there are resources available depending on your need. Loan guarantee programs are also available through the SBA and USDA.

Do I need a tax ID number? Most businesses require a tax ID number. However, this is contingent upon your business structure, if you have sales to name a few examples.

How do I grow my existing business? The state of NC has many resources to assist your growing business. From market research, technology transfer to entrepreneurship education there is a resource to suit your need.

Are there training programs available? Training programs are available across the state as well as across industry sectors. These programs can range from business accounting to customized workforce training.

BLNC is your starting point to access an extensive network of experts who can help your business succeed. Call (800) 228-8443 to talk with our business counselors or visit our website. Our business counselors provide consultations based on your needs and link you to where you need to go. BLNC counselors assist companies with license information, business forms, access to capital and many other questions a business may have.

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