U.S. Export Assistance Centers

Is your small business ready to go global? It may be an easier step than you think. Advances in technology can make worldwide commerce achievable for many small businesses, depending on the goods or services you offer.

If you're ready to explore the possibilities and challenges of exporting, U.S. Export Assistance Centers provide the help you need. These centers are located in major metropolitan areas throughout the United States.

Each U.S. Export Assistance Center is staffed by professionals from the SBA, the U.S. Department of Commerce, the U.S. Export-Import Bank, and other public and private organizations. Together, their mission is to provide the help you need to compete in today's global marketplace. Your local U.S. Export Assistance Center is your one-stop shop, designed to provide export assistance for your small- or medium-sized business.
Please contact:

Dan Holt
Regional Manager, Export Solutions Group
Office of International Trade
521 East Morehead Street, Suite 435
Charlotte, North Carolina 28202
Tel: 704-333-4886
Fax: 704-332-2681
Email: dan.holt@mail.doc.gov

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