Distribution Searches

Our domestic business development managers work with our international offices to articulate your needs and strategies for product market entry.

Located in the world’s foremost industrialized regions, our foreign trade representatives help you establish strategic distribution channels in your identified foreign markets by:

  • Maintaining relationships with buyers and agents
  • Providing real-time knowledge of the market opportunities available for NC companies
  • Reviewing trade policies which affect the market circumstances
  • Assisting foreign buyers with North Carolina product procurement
  • Promoting brand awareness of North Carolina

Our foreign trade representatives perform the following services:

  • Review product/company-specific assessment for marketability
  • Make market entry strategy recommendations
  • Perform contact searches
  • Analyze pricing information and perform competitive analysis
  • Provide in-country assistance/visits with companies on a selective basis
  • Make recommendations for fine-tuning of marketing/promotional documents
  • Complete basic information reports on foreign companies

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