Furniture in North Carolina

The home furnishings industry is an essential part of North Carolina’s economy, providing employment for thousands of people and contributing to the livelihood of many thousands more.

Often referred to as the “Furniture Capital of the World,”™ High Point, North Carolina, is home to the largest home furnishings market in the world, the High Point Market. From 1889, when the High Point Furniture Manufacturing Company shipped its first piece of furniture, to its current status as an economic powerhouse for the State of North Carolina, the region has steadily expanded its influence and reach in the home furnishings industry.

In recent years, the home furnishings industry has felt the impact of increased global competition. And yet, as the global picture continues to evolve, North Carolina furniture manufacturers are demonstrating remarkable resilience, finding success in overseas markets and domestic markets alike as customers continue to rely on them for furniture of exceptional quality and design. Many North Carolina companies are benefiting from branding efforts emphasizing that their products are “Made in America,” thanks to the longstanding and well-established reputation of the North Carolina's furniture industry. 

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