Fairfield Chair

Fairfield Chair Company is a family-owned business celebrating its 90th year. We currently export to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and the Middle East, and we expect to resume exporting to Asia in coming months.

For over 20 years, Fairfield has relied on the N.C. Department of Commerce, and in particular the N.C. Furniture Export office—they are our primary source of information, insight and connectivity. The Export Office and their international field representatives help find and qualify sales representatives and potential customers. They also provide understanding of foreign customs and insight in logistical and financial matters. Within the last two years, we have made contact with potential customers from China, five east African countries, Haiti, Jamaica, the Middle East, Canada and Asia because of their efforts and cooperation.

In our experience, the relationship between the N.C. Department of Commerce and the U.S. Department of Commerce is a great benefit to Fairfield Chair and the entire furniture industry. They work closely together and are responsible for the High Point Furniture Market being officially designated as a “Foreign Buyers Market.” They frequently introduce us to first-time market visitors looking for furniture produced in North Carolina.

Currently we are a part of the American Furniture Exporters group, which cooperates to promote the export of American Made Furniture. The N.C. Furniture Export office has helped this group move from concept to reality. We are grateful for the knowledge and willingness of the N.C. Department of Commerce to assist North Carolina companies such as Fairfield.

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