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Recruit Talented Workers in NC

Are you looking for talented workers in North Carolina? Your NCWorks Career Center can help your business find the right people for the jobs you need done.

NCWorks Career Centers

NCWorks Career Centers help employers find, train, and retain qualified employees. Each center provides services to help local businesses, including the following:

  • Job applicant screening and qualified candidate referrals
  • Valuable and up-to-date labor market facts and projections, such as wages
  • Information on tax credits for hiring particular groups of workers
  • Space to conduct job interviews
  • Help arranging job fairs
  • Workshops on employer-related subjects
  • Reference library
  • Employee training resources
  • Layoff/closure prevention services for employers
  • Information about Federal Bonding (insurance for hiring at-risk workers)

These services are offered at no cost to businesses.


Employers can also train employees through different programs that are designed to improve the skills of workers.

On-the-Job Training programs help employers train individuals for a position. The program reimburses companies for up to 50 percent of the employee’s wages during the time of the training.

NCWorks Apprenticeship prepares individuals for an industry through a combination of classroom instruction and On-the-Job Training.

NCWorks Online

The state’s official job search website, NCWorks Online gives employers the ability to search for candidates based on their skills, work experience, and resumes. Businesses can also take advantage of real-time information on the labor market, contact and save their favorite candidates, and find local training programs for their workers.

For More Information

Contact an NCWorks Career Center to take advantage of employer services and On-the-Job Training programs.

Register for free with NCWorks Online to start searching for candidates today!

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