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Maximize Carolina

North Carolina businesses have a new solution to applicant pipeline challenges.

Maximize Carolina Sector grants help finance collaborative projects to address skills gaps in robust and emerging industry sectors, including information technology, energy, advanced manufacturing, environmental sustainability, aerospace, defense, analytics, industrial maintenance, healthcare, and hospitality/tourism.

These grants can be used to address challenges such as applicants lacking specific skills, lack of sector brand awareness, work-based learning opportunities for workers or students, and various other applicant pipeline challenges.

There are two grant categories:

  • Projects up to $50,000 for partnerships with at least two employers
  • Projects between $50,000-75,000 for partnerships with three or more employers

Matching Your Investment

Your partnership will raise a portion of the total project amount and the state will cover the remaining amount through the grant.

This match amount depends on the county tier levels of the business partners’ location. The Maximize Carolina Sector grant will provide 85% of the project amount in Tier 1 and 2 counties and 65% of the project amount in Tier 3 counties.

After the partnership raises its portion, then the local workforce development board will administer the grant funds.


Business partners collaborate with local education and workforce partners to develop a plan of action and then complete the application.

Download the grant application and read the policy statement. Contact your workforce board to discuss your ideas. Each application must be submitted by the workforce board.

For More Information

If you have questions, contact Marie Griffin at, or reference this FAQ sheet. You can also download the flyer.

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