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2014 Skills Gap Task Force Recommendations

Based on the 2014 Employer Needs Survey, the NCWorks Commission created a set of recommendations for narrowing the skills gap in North Carolina.

2014 Employer Needs Survey

The NCWorks Commission requested a survey of businesses to find out why employers have a hard time filling positions. The 2014 Employer Needs Survey includes feedback from nearly 800 businesses, with an emphasis on manufacturers.

Measuring the Performance of North Carolina's Workforce Development System: A First Look

The NCWorks Commission has released its analysis of the performance of the state’s workforce development system. This report meets the requirements of Session Law 2012-131, which required the commission to develop, continuously improve, and report on performance measures for the workforce system. After extensive stakeholder work, staff developed core measures to provide a common framework to analyze the performance of the state’s diverse workforce development programs.

WIA Annual Reports

The PY2014 WIA Annual Report is available to view and download. To view previous reports, beginning with the year 2000, refer to WIA Annual Report Archives.

State of the Workforce Reports

The NC State of the Workforce Report projects the state's labor market demand and supply during the next decade. The report identifies several key issues that will likely arise given current trends and if there are no major economic shifts.

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