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WIOA Implementation

This page is devoted to answering the questions of workforce professionals as they work hard to implement the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. This page will be updated as we receive questions from workforce staff.

We encourage you to read this welcome letter from the Governor and to use this page to answer any questions you have about WIOA.

What is the timeline for implementation of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)?

On July 1, we officially implemented some elements of the law; we are still waiting on guidance from the Department of Labor on other parts of the legislation. Final implementing regulations are slated to be published in January 2016. 

On July 1, the following elements went into effect:

  • Re-designation of the workforce areas
  • Changes to membership of the Workforce Development Boards
  • Changes to Youth programming
  • Greater emphasis on the development of career pathways
  • Closer working relationships with TANF, Adult Education & Literacy, and Vocational Rehabilitation programs
  • Regional workforce planning

How does WIOA change the Integrated Service Delivery model?

We do not anticipate any changes to the ISD model due to the implementation of WIOA.

What has been updated in NCWorks Online, version 15.2?

  • WIOA eligibility is now enforced for all applications. There were minor eligibility changes for the Adult and Dislocated Worker program and major changes to the Youth population.
  • All records were converted to new WIOA applications but were grandfathered in based on the rules in the former Workforce Investment Act.
  • WIOA eliminated core and intensive services and created a new Career Services category.
  • There is now a new Adult Basic Career (ABC) WIOA enrollment application that will be used for all Integrated Services Delivery participants. This is a simpler application than what was in place before, and staff can now enroll everyone 18 and older.
  • Staff with additional rights will be able to enroll eligible participants in Full Adult, Dislocated Worker, Youth, or the Youth 5% program.
  • We’ve changed how users handle new Eligible Training Provider list requirements, including the ability to record performance data.
  • The NEG Grants are now referred to as National Dislocated Worker Grants (NDWG). In North Carolina, we currently only have one NDWG setup in NCWorks Online. A second setup will be added in the near future.
  • Staff can use the new progress bar wizard in WIOA application to see how much of the WIOA application they have completed as they continue to work.
  • A new Local Office MIS (LOMIS) report is available for each Career Center. Follow these steps to run the reports:
    1. Click “Detailed Reports.”
    2. Click “Services Provided to Individuals.”
    3. Click “By Enrollment Characteristics.”
  • Users now have the ability to run reports of Veterans with Significant Barriers to Employment (SBE). Follow these steps to run the reports:
    1. Click “Detailed Reports.”
    2. Click “List."
    3. Enter “Yes” in the new field titled, “Veteran with Substantial Barriers to Employment.”

A detailed list of all changes made to NCWorks Online is located on the Staff Online Resources page under “V15.2 FERN.”

If you have further questions after reading the guide, then please contact your DWS regional specialist or one of the super-users at the Workforce Development Boards.

If you have technical problems, please submit a ticket to the help desk at

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